Exploring Integrative Holotropic Therapies (IHT)


The term “holotropic” combines the Greek words “holos” (whole) and “trepein” (toward) to mean “toward wholeness.” It references a subset of expanded states of consciousness that have been observed, in thousands of sessions, to activate psychological healing and even spiritual transformation. Often, this healing arises with deeply felt experiences of interconnectedness.

Integrative Holotropic Therapies, or IHTs, describe carefully constructed therapies, including properly conducted psychedelic medicine, that achieve holotropic states of consciousness. The experiences arising from these states is what sets IHTs apart from traditional psychiatric and psychological treatments.

IHTs involve a multidisciplinary integrative approach to healing and are complementary to one another and to traditional approaches like psychotherapy. They can include:

  • Psychedelic medicine

  • Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

  • Breathwork such as Holotropic Breathwork™

  • Sound healing

  • Meditation

The Psykia Institute funds research into the efficacy, safety, and phenomenology of IHTs, including accessible substance-free approaches such as Holotropic Breathwork™.

The Psykia Institute provides workshops that provide immediate experience of substance-free IHTs, while teaching safe practices.