Psykia Institute merges breakthrough science and traditional wisdom to develop programs that cultivate psychological and spiritual well-being.

We advocate for an expanded understanding of the human psyche and consciousness, develop systems-oriented programs that deepen various forms of intra- and interconnection, and advance the research & understanding of breathwork, psychedelic medicine, and other Integrative Holotropic Therapies.

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Learn about the recent funding of Phase 1 of our landmark study with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine “Testing the Safety and Efficacy of Breathwork as Treatment for Veterans Suffering from Severe PTSD.”


Watch our panel discussion Psychedelic Medicine: From Tradition to Science, sponsored by The Psykia Institute, Harvard Medical School, The Harvard Brain Science Initiative, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and MAPS, which took place at The Broad Institute on October 10, 2018.

Why We’re Here

Many forms of disconnection and isolation contribute to increasingly common afflictions in modern society, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Mainstream psychiatry and psychology have remained stagnant in addressing this growing mental health crisis.

Psykia Institute emerges in response:

To expand theoretical understanding of psychological and spiritual well-being, we 1) facilitate discussions amongst academic fields including neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy; 2) promote respectful engagement with indigenous tradition; 3) develop accessible frameworks for understanding the human psyche, consciousness, and the role of connection (intra- and interconnectedness) in well-being.

To broaden therapeutic options, we 1) advocate for and fund research into integrative tools that increase awareness and felt experience of interconnectedness, including psychedelic medicine, breathwork and other Integrative Holotropic Therapies; 2) emphasize context, support, process, and integration.

To promote ongoing self-development, we offer programs that empower self-forming communities to proactively cultivate psychological and spiritual well-being beyond the use of any substance. Our programs provide processes and practices that increase the awareness and felt sense of interconnectedness.



“Toward wholeness”


Stanislav Grof, M.D., coined the term holotropic, combining THE GREEK WORDS HOLOS (WHOLE) AND TREPein (TOWARD), TO REFERENCE properly facilitated EXPANDED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT aCTIVATE PROFOUND HEALING AND PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. this healing often arises with felt experiences of interconnectedness.


Questions for



• What is the role of connection in psychological and spiritual well-being?

• What are the individual, societal, and planetary effects of a world that cultivates a deep sense of interconnectedness?

• What roles can Integrative Holotropic Therapies play in psychological and spiritual well-being, worldview, and value systems?

• What are the sources and nature of psychological trauma and how can expanded states of consciousness inform our understanding?

• How can awareness and felt experiences of interconnectedness help us understand the nature of self and consciousness?


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