We envision a world that embodies well-being as a core value. It understands that the psychological and spiritual well-being of the individual and the collective are interdependent. It promotes deep and varied forms of essential connection and encompasses the structures that support and facilitate this process.


The natural world is profoundly and inextricably interconnected.

Yet, modern society operates based on assumed frameworks and systems of separateness.

Separateness creates a basis for rivalry and disconnection. It manifests as entrenched conflict and societal warfare, as well as the increasingly pervasive afflictions of loneliness, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

We believe societal and individual healing require a re-establishment of interconnectedness, which includes an integrated connection to self (body, mind, and beyond), others (humanity), and nature.


Psykia Institute merges the rigor of science and the wisdom of tradition to develop accessible frameworks and programs that cultivate psychological and spiritual well-being.

  • Curating discussions: bringing public awareness to psychological and spiritual well-being, interconnectedness, and powerful healing tools, such as psychedelic medicine

  • Funding research: partnering with leading universities to collect data and increase the understanding of breathwork, and other Integrative Holotropic Therapies

  • Providing theory: developing frameworks that explore the role of intra- and interconnectedness in individual and collective well-being

  • Supporting practice: implementing learnings into accessible community-oriented programs that support well-being and ongoing self-development, such as Woven