Woven guides and empowers self-forming communities to nurture psychological and spiritual well-being by cultivating awareness and felt experience of intra- and interconnectedness. 

The problem

Many forms of disconnection and isolation contribute to increasingly common afflictions in modern society, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Mainstream psychiatry and psychology have remained stagnant in addressing this growing mental health crisis. 


The natural world is profoundly and inextricably interconnected. Yet, modern society operates based on assumed frameworks and systems of separateness. Separateness creates a basis for rivalry and disconnection. It manifests as entrenched conflict and societal warfare, as well as the increasingly pervasive afflictions of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

We believe that guiding communities through inquiry and practices of intra-and interconnectedness will be insightful and transformative at both personal and social levels. 


Inspired by the rich history and potency of sharing circles, “Woven” establishes ongoing connection and community support.

        • Orients toward proactive psychospiritual well-being

            • Not disease-oriented

            • Without bias toward specifically religious language

        • Creates a new, non-stigmatized environment

        • Provides guiding Principles, Protocols, and Practices

        • Integrates a Framework for psychological and spiritual well-being based on a modern synthesis of science and tradition

*A grass-roots approach similar to AA’s 12-step program*


To develop the most effective processes, the first 6 months will be focused on prototyping meetings and exploring questions such as: 

    • Which processes are most effective at… 

      1. Achieving increased awareness and sensation of interconnection? 

      2. Shifting the worldview of individuals?

      3. Increasing sense of well-being? 

    • Why does the individual attend? (reasons, interests, needs)

    • What are the best ways to attract diverse participants?

    • What kind of disclaimers are needed?

Once effective processes have been determined, program will be deployed into communities and the following 6 months will be spent on observing & collecting data:

      • Do individual mental health scores change over time? In what way?

      • Do behavioral patterns of the individual change in ways that are meaningful to the individual?

      • Do behavioral patterns of the individual change in ways that are meaningful to society?

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