Founding Team


Leo Raderman

co-founder & Chairman

Leo brings nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience to Psykia Institute, having founded or co-founded companies including, Obscura Digital, and Nukotoys, as well as the non-profits miraclefeet and The Grof Holotropic Foundation (with Dr. Stanislav Grof).  Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, he received an M.A. in Systematic and Philosophical Theology from The Graduate Theological Union at U.C. Berkeley.


Matthew Emmer

co-founder & president

Matthew brings a decade of experience in finance to Psykia, as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank and Bank of America, and as Vice President at HNA Capital International. He has also served roles at the Cihang Foundation and the London-based impact fund Ceniarth. He has a passion for improving lives by increasing a holistic understanding of consciousness. He holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from UCLA and completed the Executive Education Program at Columbia Business School.


Former Members


Delara Chizari


Delara is a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at Harvard University and previously received a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology at U.C. Berkeley. Her interests include how future societal systems relate to psychological well-being, psychedelic medicine, and the evolution of consciousness. Delara played a critical role in launching and organizing Psykia’s “Psychedelic Medicine: From Tradition to Science," the first public discussion on psychedelic medicine that was formally hosted by Harvard Medical School and The Broad Institute. While serving as President and later as CEO of Psykia, she helped to coordinate the partnerships, fundraising, and initiation of Psykia’s breathwork study with Johns Hopkins University and the Flow Genome Project.